Rio Bueno Kayaking

Share a wonderful adventure with a partner or friend on a white-water kayak for 2. After some safety lessons from your tour guide and a quick gear check, you launch your kayak into the river and immediately feel the intensity of the rushing water. The swift currents carry your kayak downstream, challenging you and your partner to paddle confidently through various areas of exciting white water rapids and picturesque river pools. As you pass under the old stone bridge, the currents begin to fade and your kayak takes a calm ride into the Caribbean Sea. Once at sea, you paddle at your own pace along the coastline until you arrive at our private beach for a cool drink and some time to relax.

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White River Valley Kayak

Your Kayak tour takes you along the White River starting at The Old Spanish Bridge built by the first European settlers in the seventeenth century. Paddle your way through the rapids and crystal clear pools under a canopy of lush tropical vegetation and huge bamboo groves. Your excursion will take you through breathtaking rapids and enchanting lagoons. The kayaking adventure ends in the serenity of the Bamboo Cathedral where giant Bamboo trees arch over the water. Disembark the river and enter the beautifully landscaped gardens of the White River Valley where you can browse our gift shop or indulge in Jamaican cuisine or be refreshed at the Parrot Bar.

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Some Jamaica
Water Fun Facts

Jamaica has 26 watersheds. A watershed is the area of land around a river that drains in the river when the rain falls. This can occur through underground crevices as well.


Jamaica’s freshwater comes from rivers, streams, wells and springs as well as from harvested rainwater. The groundwater supplies about 80% Jamaica’s water.



Jamaica has about 120 rivers, most of which flow to coast from the central mountain ranges. Those on the north side tend to be shorter and swifter than those on the south side.



One of the first ever piped water supply systems in the Western Hemisphere originated in Jamaica, in the town of Falmouth, Trelawny. With the Martha Brae River as its source, in 1799 the Falmouth Water Works Company was established to supply the town of Falmouth and visiting ships.

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