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The adventure begins when you board your tube at the water's edge. As you navigate the rushing rapids of the river, our attentive and knowledgeable local guides will show you the ropes and introduce you to a seldom-seen Jamaica. Along the way, be on the lookout for a glimpse of some of the many exotic, indigenous jungle animals that make their home in this luscious tropical habitat. Enjoy the twists and turns of the rushing river and watch as the majestic scenery of Jamaica speeds past before your light-filled eyes.

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Chukka River Tubing Safari

Your adventure begins as you settle in your comfortable river tube. Experience the cool waters of one of Jamaica’s legendary rivers. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of this hidden Jamaica as your guide navigates down the river. You will experience her ever changing moods as she shifts from relaxed pools to rushing rapids. Watch for wildlife in its natural habitat as you float through this unspoiled, magical place and float away from your day to day world. Souvenirs, lunch and drinks on sale.

This tour is availble in Montego Bay, Falmouth and Ocho rios.

Call to book +1-877-424-8552 or E-mail info@chukkacaribbean.com


Some Jamaica
Water Fun Facts

Jamaica has 26 watersheds. A watershed is the area of land around a river that drains in the river when the rain falls. This can occur through underground crevices as well.


Jamaica’s freshwater comes from rivers, streams, wells and springs as well as from harvested rainwater. The groundwater supplies about 80% Jamaica’s water.



Jamaica has about 120 rivers, most of which flow to coast from the central mountain ranges. Those on the north side tend to be shorter and swifter than those on the south side.



One of the first ever piped water supply systems in the Western Hemisphere originated in Jamaica, in the town of Falmouth, Trelawny. With the Martha Brae River as its source, in 1799 the Falmouth Water Works Company was established to supply the town of Falmouth and visiting ships.

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